what is ibex

Ibex are hardy mountain goats, known for traversing the most difficult terrain.

And similarly, our Ibex was made to survey the difficult terrain of using distributed Solid pods for a simple social media feed. Open up the webpage, log in with a Solid Webid (get one here, if you don’t have one yet), give Ibex the default suggested permissions and the tool will show you the posts from those who are your solid friends. Don’t have any Solid friends yet? Add us:

You cannot yet add or remove friends through our interface, but doing so via Solid is straightforward enough: Just drag and drop the URL of a friend onto this little target on your Solid Friends list.

click image to play animation

You also might need to manually set some permissions to ensure that people can post comments on your posts. Go to your Solid pod, “Your Storage”, then to the Public → Darcy → activity folder and drag the Everyone persona to “Posters”.

click image to play animation

Now you can freely read and post new articles and comments. Everything you do will be stored in your own Solid pod! If you edit it on your Solid pod, these edits will show up directly in the feed too. We will not store any information about you with this tool.

Ibex does not store any data, and everything displayed comes from the Solid pod of the users who created the post or comment in question.

As such, Ibex is not yet moderated, and has minimal safety features (you can remove undesired comments on your posts though) so we do only recommend it for use with minimal threat models. If you manage your access control lists via Solid, you should be able to ensure that only certain people can read your social media stream, but we admit this is very clunky so far.

Generally, this is a prototype, and there will be errors and issues. Tweet at us if you encounter any: @DarcySocial

You can use Ibex through our server, or host it yourself. Just grab the code from our github repository and install it on your own webserver.

Feel free to add us as your Solid friends, to keep up to date with Darcy news!