Wanted: Part time PR Volunteer

The Darcy Project, an initiative to build a decentralized social media platform, is looking for a part time PR Volunteer to join our global team. We’re a team of people trying to offer a social media alternative that would be driven by research and the need to make social media a safe space for everyone.

We’re looking for someone who works remotely and helps us connect with various communities online and offline, in support for our crowdfunding efforts. Currently, there probably isn’t more work than for about 8 hours per week, spread evenly. In the long run, this position is planned to evolve into a paid full-time position.

The ideal person would be savvy with activist social media (including Twitter and potentially Mastodon), and understands the various socio-political issues raised by Big Tech today.

Tasks could include:

  • Feed our various communication channels (Twitter, newsletter, blog…)
  • Help find avenues to promote Darcy online and offline (forum discussions, events…)
  • Help our crowdfunding efforts.
  • Help build a community around Darcy, within networks that share our values.

Our team is distributed around the world and we all work from home. We care about including a diversity of backgrounds and point of views. If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at our website https://darcy.is and then reach out to us at community@darcy.is

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