What makes Darcy unique?

When building a new social media software, a lot of things have to be considered. How to make it work, how to make it safe, but also: Why should people use it, what makes it unique and useful?

Darcy aims to be the online space of choice for people who are interested in good content. Be that collecting, curating, publishing, discussing and otherwise consuming content, Darcy will provide you the best tools for this!

You can follow a variety of publishing sources. Use APIs like RSS, ActivityPub and other open protocols. And of course you can also follow other Darcy users directly.

Group and tag your Content based on their source, keywords and other criteria. When reading “the news”, you can skim headlines, read in-depth, defer individual parts for later study, and refine these categories and groups.

Your curations can be used as research to publish new content. Or you manage curated lists for your followers, making Darcy a powerful tools for researchers and influencers

We want Darcy to be the best dashboard to publish, manage and consume content.

Darcy users can earn endorsements given out by others in praise for their content or curations. This can help identify good or particularly trusted sources.