Darcy will use a system that has come to be known as “Federation”. That means that while every installed server is a small social network of its own, all of these servers can talk with each other. Think about email: Even though people can use wildly different email services, they all can send each others messages.

With such a decentralized network you can have local or thematic communities, but still connect to the larger world. Each community can have their unique voice and tone. We will make it easy to join several such communities if you want to, but still have a unified experience.

The other advantage is that you don’t have to rely on a single company. All social media content that you created will be stored on a Solid Pod datastore – not on some central silo that you have no control over! You can move to another server at any time, taking your data and connections along.

Darcy is open source, the software will be free to install and run yourself. We will play nice with other Open Source social platforms. Within this structure, we will offer optional paid services such as bureaucracy, moderation and hosting. Users can always chose to self-administer and self-host.