Christian Buggedei founded Darcy and has worked for 20 years in IT,  as SysAdmin, Consultant, and Department Head with a seat on the Management Board. He has experience with large scale projects in the private and public sector and a wide range of topics from service management, virtualisation, identity and security, and later product management for mobile advertising apps.

After a stint in online journalism in the Middle East, Nada Akl worked on scaling policy enforcement processes for major social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook, developing a strong expertise in user-safety. During her time in Community Operations at Facebook, she focused on highlighting the issues faced by marginalised groups when affected by policies and processes created for more privileged users, and deployed globally.

Karsten Voigt is a lawyer with a strong focus on data protection. For more than a decade, he has represented corporations, government organisations and citizens. As a technology enthusiast, he is well-versed in the overlap of technology and law. Darcy is his attempt to create an online civil space that focuses on data protection and full control of the users.

Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir’s expertise is in free expression, media, human rights as well as democracies and process. For more than a decade, she is aiding people and organisations adapt to both working in and meet the requirements of online environments of the 21st century. She provides vision to movements, companies and organisation, digital activists, and media practitioners. Oktavía sits on the Technical Advisory Board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation and has designed and implemented strategies.

Paolo Greco has worked in IT for 20 years, as sysadmin, developer, and system architect. He has worked in three countries, in disparate sectors like oncology, travel, credit, marketing, media, and games. Now, Paolo joins Darcy driven by a strong passion for distributed applications, security, privacy, publishing, and civic sense.

Giulio Moretto has been developing for the web for 12 years, from websites to complex web applications. His goal is to develop interfaces that are fast, secure and easy to use for all types of users. Giulio uses open source tools and platforms to build reliable web solutions for companies and their customers. He has experience with UI and UX design and coding.