Who in their right mind gives a social platform a name like “Darcy”? And why?

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Well, the first question is easily answered: We did.

The second one needs a bit of an explanation. When the project idea was first pitched to someone, Christian used the rich tradition of filking to explain it like this:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an online civic space in possession of good intentions must be in want of paid moderation.

In case you have grown up with classic british literature, you undoubtedly pick up on the reference. And since the book has Mr. Darcy as the gentleman in want of a wife, who has learned by the end of the book that one needs to be a gentleman to everyone, it is only fitting that the social platform in want of good and paid moderation bears the same name. Even without the Mr. in front of it.

(Also: Elizabeth Bennet is too much of a mouthful.)


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